$73 Hawk Performance HB549Z.702 Performance Ceramic Brake Pad Automotive Replacement Parts Hawk Performance Ranking TOP19 HB549Z.702 Pad Brake Ceramic Performance,/mosandrite625642.html,Pad,Automotive , Replacement Parts,$73,HB549Z.702,Hawk,Performance,Ceramic,infornos.com,Brake $73 Hawk Performance HB549Z.702 Performance Ceramic Brake Pad Automotive Replacement Parts Hawk Performance Ranking TOP19 HB549Z.702 Pad Brake Ceramic Performance,/mosandrite625642.html,Pad,Automotive , Replacement Parts,$73,HB549Z.702,Hawk,Performance,Ceramic,infornos.com,Brake

Hawk Performance New Free Shipping Ranking TOP19 HB549Z.702 Pad Brake Ceramic

Hawk Performance HB549Z.702 Performance Ceramic Brake Pad


Hawk Performance HB549Z.702 Performance Ceramic Brake Pad

Product description

Ultimate stopping power in an ultra-low dust, low noise ceramic compound. Hawk Performance has introduced a premium, high performance, ultra-low dust, low noise compound called Performance Ceramic. Performance Ceramic is engineered to reduce vehicle brake NVH (Noise, Vibration and Harshness), creating a quieter performing brake pad for your truck or SUV. Furthermore, the ceramic formula has a linear friction profile that allows your truck's ABS brake system to work more effectively. With Performance Ceramic you can expect reduced brake pad wear, lower dust output levels and a rotor-friendly brake pad. Performance Ceramic – quiet, clean and fast stopping.

Hawk Performance HB549Z.702 Performance Ceramic Brake Pad

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