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Baltimore Mall Fresno Mall Pennies from Heaven

Pennies from Heaven


Pennies from Heaven

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Legendary crooner Bing Crosby (Going My Way) sings and dances his way through this charming and delightful story of a wanderer who drifts into the lives and hearts of the residents of the small town of Middletown, New Jersey. Featuring music and lyrics by Johnny Burke and Arthur Johnston – including the classics “So Do I,” “Pennies from Heaven” (1936 Academy Award® nominee for Best Music — Song), “Skeleton in the Closet” and “Let’s Call a Heart a Heart” – and with supporting performances by the amazing Louis Armstrong (Hello, Dolly), the beautiful Madge Evans (Army Girl) and the talented Edith Fellows (Music In My Heart), PENNIES FROM HEAVEN is one of the crown jewels from the golden age of Hollywood, when real stars weren’t found only in heaven... and a fistful of pennies still went a long way.

Pennies from Heaven

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