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Banana Dinosaur -Making The Baby Feel Secured as if he is Back i


Banana Dinosaur -Making The Baby Feel Secured as if he is Back i

Product description

Color:Red T.rex

Banana Dinosaur is a comfort toy for newborn babies. This product is developed with our patented acoustic technology. It is a multidimensional baby appease product that combines audio、visual and tactile elements. We use this principle to create a comfort environment, make the baby feel secured as if he/she is backing in the mother’s womb, relieving the baby's impatient emotions. Our exclusive patent of acoustical technology prevents environmental interference and helps babies sleep well and also solve psychological needs of newborn babies. If you are a new parent and want to take a rest then this product is a good choice for you.

Banana Dinosaur -Making The Baby Feel Secured as if he is Back i

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