Light,Lamp,Wat,Tools Home Improvement , Lighting Ceiling Fans,$28,Outdoor,Sensor,Microwave,Solar,Wall,Led,Wall,Lamp,/kookeree911979.html, Wall Lamp Led Solar Light Phoenix Mall Outdoor Wat Microwave Sensor Light,Lamp,Wat,Tools Home Improvement , Lighting Ceiling Fans,$28,Outdoor,Sensor,Microwave,Solar,Wall,Led,Wall,Lamp,/kookeree911979.html, Wall Lamp Led Solar Light Phoenix Mall Outdoor Wat Microwave Sensor $28 Wall Lamp Led Solar Light Microwave Sensor Wall Lamp Outdoor Wat Tools Home Improvement Lighting Ceiling Fans $28 Wall Lamp Led Solar Light Microwave Sensor Wall Lamp Outdoor Wat Tools Home Improvement Lighting Ceiling Fans

Wall Lamp Led Solar Light Phoenix Mall Animer and price revision Outdoor Wat Microwave Sensor

Wall Lamp Led Solar Light Microwave Sensor Wall Lamp Outdoor Wat


Wall Lamp Led Solar Light Microwave Sensor Wall Lamp Outdoor Wat

Product description


1.Solar panel:Polycrystalline Si solar panel,0.65W,17% eficiency.
2. Battery : Li-ion 18650 1800 mAH.
3.LED :SMD 2835 15PCS
4. Lumens:Dim light gt; 10LM , Bright light gt; 90LM
5. Solar charging time : 8Hrs.
6. Light Functions :
1) Auto identify day or night.
2) Dim light timekeeps 5hrs when light starts working in order to save power.
Only microwave motion induction after 5hrs timekeep function.
3) Microwave motion induction for bright light,last 7 seconds after the final trigger.
7. Protection: Over charging,over discharging,overcurrent and short circuit.
8. Solar panel span life: gt; 5 years.
9. Li-ion battery span life: gt; 50O circles.
10.LED span life : 50,O00Hrs.
11. IP level: IP65

Wall Lamp Led Solar Light Microwave Sensor Wall Lamp Outdoor Wat

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