MSCHEN Solar Lights Outdoor Limited time trial price LE Pack Light 4 Light,Pack,Outdoor,$53,MSCHEN,LE,/kookeree911879.html,4,,Lights,Outdoor,Solar,Lights,Solar,Tools Home Improvement , Lighting Ceiling Fans $53 MSCHEN Solar Lights Outdoor Lights 4 Pack Solar Light Outdoor LE Tools Home Improvement Lighting Ceiling Fans MSCHEN Solar Lights Outdoor Limited time trial price LE Pack Light 4 $53 MSCHEN Solar Lights Outdoor Lights 4 Pack Solar Light Outdoor LE Tools Home Improvement Lighting Ceiling Fans Light,Pack,Outdoor,$53,MSCHEN,LE,/kookeree911879.html,4,,Lights,Outdoor,Solar,Lights,Solar,Tools Home Improvement , Lighting Ceiling Fans

MSCHEN Solar Lights Outdoor Limited Overseas parallel import regular item time trial price LE Pack Light 4

MSCHEN Solar Lights Outdoor Lights 4 Pack Solar Light Outdoor LE


MSCHEN Solar Lights Outdoor Lights 4 Pack Solar Light Outdoor LE

Product description

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Solar lights add unique decorative charm to any landscape; ideal for gardens, lawns, terraces, yards, sidewalks and driveways. Don't worry about rain, snow, frost or sleet.
Product description:

When the button switch on the solar panel of the product is turned on, it is charged when exposed to light, and when it is dark, it will be charged naturally during the day and lighted naturally at night. Please place the product in a sunny location to ensure that the sun is exposed for fast charging.

Equipped with detachable stake, these ground solar lights offer more wide application. Without the pole and stake, the lamp head is also suitable for flat surface, it's perfect decoration for your table, steps, balcony, pool fence or anywhere.

Product parameters:
Product name: solar flame lantern
Solar panel parameters: amorphous silicon 2V25MA
Battery: AAA400ma battery(did not include)
Lamp beads: LED
Working mode: light control sensor with master switch
Product material: iron + plastic
Lighting time: 8-10 hours
How to use: It can be placed in any location outdoors (lawn, balcony, courtyard, etc.)

1. Before using it for the first time, please fully charge the device in the sun.
2. Due to the difference of light and screen, the color of the item may be slightly different from the picture.

Package Included:
2 * Solar Light

MSCHEN Solar Lights Outdoor Lights 4 Pack Solar Light Outdoor LE

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