Tork Free Shipping New 13247501 Industrial Handy Box 4-Ply Wiper Paper Blue Paper,4-Ply,Tork,/kookeree715179.html,Industrial,,Health Household , Household Supplies,Box,$42,Wiper,,Blue,Handy,13247501 Paper,4-Ply,Tork,/kookeree715179.html,Industrial,,Health Household , Household Supplies,Box,$42,Wiper,,Blue,Handy,13247501 $42 Tork 13247501 Industrial Handy Box 4-Ply Paper Wiper, Blue Health Household Household Supplies Tork Free Shipping New 13247501 Industrial Handy Box 4-Ply Wiper Paper Blue $42 Tork 13247501 Industrial Handy Box 4-Ply Paper Wiper, Blue Health Household Household Supplies

Tork Free Max 75% OFF Shipping New 13247501 Industrial Handy Box 4-Ply Wiper Paper Blue

Tork 13247501 Industrial Handy Box 4-Ply Paper Wiper, Blue


Tork 13247501 Industrial Handy Box 4-Ply Paper Wiper, Blue

Product description

Product Description

Turk Industrial Paper Wipers are a multipurpose paper based wiper that is ideal for industrial wiping tasks and hand wiping. This product contains 100% recycled fibers. Replaces 132475 and 132476. ECOLOGO Certified.

From the Manufacturer

Tork Industrial Paper Wipers are a multipurpose paper based wiper that is ideal for industrial wiping tasks and hand wiping. This product contains 100% recycled fibers. Replaces 132475 and 132476. ECOLOGO Certified.

Tork 13247501 Industrial Handy Box 4-Ply Paper Wiper, Blue

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