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Multi-function Adjustable Bargain sale Mushroom Hole Sheets Challenge the lowest price of Japan 6 Puncher Conveni

Multi-function Adjustable Mushroom Hole Puncher 6 Sheets Conveni


Multi-function Adjustable Mushroom Hole Puncher 6 Sheets Conveni

Product description



1. 6 sheets of A4 can be punched in one time, practical and convenient

2. With positioning punching ruler, it is convenient for A4/B5/A5/A7 positioning and punching

3. The cutter head can be replaced and the number of uses can be adjusted

4. Turn any into a mushroom hole paper

5. With the mushroom hole and the binding ring, you can combine photos, newspapers, magazines, and paperboards

Multi-function Adjustable Mushroom Hole Puncher 6 Sheets Conveni

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