$32 4 RED + 2 White 4 Inch Round Led Trailer Tail Lights 12 LED Wate Automotive Exterior Accessories 4 RED + 2 White Inch Round LED Tail Wate Max 59% OFF Led Lights 12 Trailer LED,Trailer,Automotive , Exterior Accessories,/ingiving911997.html,Round,+,White,Inch,RED,infornos.com,Wate,Led,$32,Tail,4,12,4,2,Lights 4 RED + 2 White Inch Round LED Tail Wate Max 59% OFF Led Lights 12 Trailer $32 4 RED + 2 White 4 Inch Round Led Trailer Tail Lights 12 LED Wate Automotive Exterior Accessories LED,Trailer,Automotive , Exterior Accessories,/ingiving911997.html,Round,+,White,Inch,RED,infornos.com,Wate,Led,$32,Tail,4,12,4,2,Lights

Ranking TOP12 4 RED + 2 White Inch Round LED Tail Wate Max 59% OFF Led Lights 12 Trailer

4 RED + 2 White 4 Inch Round Led Trailer Tail Lights 12 LED Wate


4 RED + 2 White 4 Inch Round Led Trailer Tail Lights 12 LED Wate

Product description

6Pcs 4" Round Led Trailer Tail Lights -- 4Red Lens and 2White Lens


Condition: 100% Brand New

Size (with Rubber Cover): Diameter: 5 1/8" (13cm) - Thickness:1 3/16" (3cm)

Lens Size: Diameter: 4" (10cm)

Color: Red

Voltage amp; Wattage: 12V / 6W

Number of LED: 12 LEDs

Material: ABS Housing + PC Lens + Rubber Cover


-- Ideal for Trailers, Trucks, RVs, Utes, UTVs, Boat, Caravans…

-- Function as Stop light, brake light, turn signal light, running light and tail light

-- 12x Super bright LED provide maximum visibility amp; safety.

-- Water-tight Sealed for Waterproof and Rust Free.

-- Flush mount with required grommet and Accepts standard 3-prong plug.

-- Rubber Grommets and Pigtails are included for complete installation

Fitment: Universal fit any Vehicles with DC 12V vehicles like Semi Trucks amp; Trailers, Service Trucks, Buses, Service Vans, Utility Trucks, Parade Floats, Horse Trailers, Utility Trailers, Pick Up Trucks Utes, UTVs to improve both the safety and the style.

Wiring Tips:

White -- Ground

Red -- High Brightness for stop light / brake light / turn light

Black -- Low Brightness for Tail and Running light

Package Included: 6Pcs 4" Round Tail Lights

4 RED + 2 White 4 Inch Round Led Trailer Tail Lights 12 LED Wate


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