JYQH New Japan's largest assortment Christmas Tree Home Encrypted Package Luminous Christma $443 JYQH New Christmas Tree Home Encrypted Luminous Package Christma Home Kitchen Seasonal Décor $443 JYQH New Christmas Tree Home Encrypted Luminous Package Christma Home Kitchen Seasonal Décor JYQH New Japan's largest assortment Christmas Tree Home Encrypted Package Luminous Christma infornos.com,Home,Christma,New,Luminous,$443,/ingiving714897.html,Package,Christmas,JYQH,Encrypted,Tree,Home Kitchen , Seasonal Décor infornos.com,Home,Christma,New,Luminous,$443,/ingiving714897.html,Package,Christmas,JYQH,Encrypted,Tree,Home Kitchen , Seasonal Décor

JYQH Nippon regular agency New Japan's largest assortment Christmas Tree Home Encrypted Package Luminous Christma

JYQH New Christmas Tree Home Encrypted Luminous Package Christma


JYQH New Christmas Tree Home Encrypted Luminous Package Christma

Product description

Product name: Christmas tree.
Product details: height (210cm).
Product material: PVC.
Product use: party gathering, holiday decoration, publicity activities.
Product appearance: full appearance, allowing you to easily place lights and decorations, making Christmas full of joy; sturdy folding metal tree frame.
Decoration content: 8cm white ball, 8cm craft flower ball, 8cm golden matt ball, 8cm gun matt ball, 6cm coffee matt ball, 6cm golden hollow ball, 6cm wave golden ball, 6cm golden matt ball, snowflakes, string lights.
Product installation: can be used for internal and external installation (but should not take many days); simple setting: it only takes a few minutes to install and disassemble, and it can be easily broken down into 4 hinged parts for storage. Enjoy it season after season.
Reminder: For any problem, please send us an email, we will do our best to provide you with the most satisfactory solution.

JYQH New Christmas Tree Home Encrypted Luminous Package Christma


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