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Sensitive Transmitter High Temperature New product Sensors Stainles Direct stock discount Infrared

Sensitive Transmitter High Temperature Sensors Infrared Stainles


Sensitive Transmitter High Temperature Sensors Infrared Stainles

Product description


1. The sensor probe adopts non‑contact induction, safe use and has long using life.
2. The stainless steel bracket is convenient to adjust the measuring head, and the light way must be unobstructed during adjustment.
3. Using high‑quality tinned shielded wire, fast and stable signal output, good performance.
4. Double nut installation, metal shell comes with M18×1 screw thread for fixed installation, convenient disassembly and assembly.
5. Strict quality control and quality assurance, high safety factor, can be used with peace of mind.


Item Type: Non‑Contact Infrared Temperature Sensors

Material: Stainless steel
Purpose: Measuring water temperature, oil temperature, food, human body, ceramics, asphalt, rubber, chemicals, coal, graphite, metal, glass, etc.
DC Power Supply: 10-30VDC
Maximum Current: 50mA
Output Signal: 4-20mA
Equipment Power Consumption: ≤0.5W
Measurement Accuracy: ±1% of the measured value or ±1.5℃, whichever is the largest
Spectrum Range: 8~14μm
Response Time: 150ms (95%)
Optical Resolution: 20: 1
Emissivity: 0.95 fixed
Working Environment: 0~60℃; 10~95%RH (no condensation)
Cable Length: Approx. 1.5meter / 4.9ft

Size: Approx. 18mm / 0.7in

32mm / 1.3in

68mm / 2.7in

Sensitive Transmitter High Temperature Sensors Infrared Stainles

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