$32 28 Quart Deskside Recycle Wastebasket,Blue Wastebasket for Bathr Home Kitchen Storage Organization Home Kitchen , Storage Organization,Deskside,Wastebasket,Blue,for,infornos.com,Wastebasket,Recycle,/gymnics934408.html,$32,28,Quart,Bathr $32 28 Quart Deskside Recycle Wastebasket,Blue Wastebasket for Bathr Home Kitchen Storage Organization unisex 28 Quart Deskside Recycle Bathr Blue Wastebasket for Home Kitchen , Storage Organization,Deskside,Wastebasket,Blue,for,infornos.com,Wastebasket,Recycle,/gymnics934408.html,$32,28,Quart,Bathr unisex 28 Quart Deskside Recycle Bathr Blue Wastebasket for

unisex Ranking TOP18 28 Quart Deskside Recycle Bathr Blue Wastebasket for

28 Quart Deskside Recycle Wastebasket,Blue Wastebasket for Bathr


28 Quart Deskside Recycle Wastebasket,Blue Wastebasket for Bathr

Product description

28 Quart Deskside Recycle Wastebasket, BLUE

Perfect size for beneath desk or tucked away in tight spaces. Universal white arrow recycle symbol for recycling paper, cans, and bottles. Blue. 14-3/8 L x 10-1/4 W x 15 H. BLUE: Capacity: 29 qt, Pkg Qty: 1|28-1/8 QT, Blue, Recycling Wastebasket, Rolled Rims Add Strength amp; Are Easy To Clean, Fits Under Standard Height Desk, Designed For Convenient Desk Side Waste Management, 14.38"L x 10.25" x 15"H.
Item Length: 14.38
Item Width: 10.25
Item Height: 15.00
Item Weight: 1.88
Package Length: 16.54
Package Width: 11.79
Package Height: 17.25
Package Weight: 2.26

28 Quart Deskside Recycle Wastebasket,Blue Wastebasket for Bathr

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