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SISGEM Solid 14K Gold Max 59% OFF Pendant Fairytale latest Necklace Mermaid

SISGEM Solid 14K Gold Mermaid Pendant Necklace Fairytale Mermaid


SISGEM Solid 14K Gold Mermaid Pendant Necklace Fairytale Mermaid

Product description

We have professional production factory, mainly producing 10k,14k,18k Gold/sterling silver/freshwater pearl necklace,earring, bracelet and other jewelry. We are strictly control the quality of our products to serve customer as well as possible. If you have any suggestions, please contact us

?14K Mermaid Pendant Necklace is a lucky necklace, it is a best gifts for yourself and as a gifts for your's lover

?Mermaid Pearl pendant necklace made for solid 14K gold and perfect unique design.

?This pearls necklace is stunning,dainty, great fit for your party and daily wear.

?14K Mermaid Pearl Pendant Necklace information:

Contain: Delicate Jewelry box

Metal Color: Gold

Metal type:14K gold

⭐Culture Freshwater Pearl :

Pearl Color: White

Pearl Size:3MM

Pearl Shape: Round

?Gift for Her:

Girlfriend gift

sister gift

mother gift

grandma gift

best friends gift

wife gift

daughter gift

birthday gift

mothers ’day gift

anniversary gift

?About the shipping:

Standard Shipping:7-15 Working Days

Express Shipping 4-6 Working Days

SISGEM Solid 14K Gold Mermaid Pendant Necklace Fairytale Mermaid

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