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ZCFXGHH 4K Camcorder Video Camera 60 Ultra-Cheap Deals HD 67% OFF of fixed price FPS Digital Ultra

ZCFXGHH 4K Camcorder Video Camera Ultra HD 60 FPS Digital Video


ZCFXGHH 4K Camcorder Video Camera Ultra HD 60 FPS Digital Video

Product description

Product Parameters:

1.4K Digital Camcorder

2. Image Sensor: CMOS Panasonic 13MP

3. Image Resolution: "48M(9212*5184), 36M(7936*4480), 24M(6340*3600),

4. 16M(4640*3480),12M(4608*2592), 8M(3840*2160)"

5. Memory Card: support SD card (max.64GB, not included)

6. File Format: JPEG, MP4

7. Video Resolution: "4K 2880*2160(24FPS), 2K 2560*1440(30FPS), FHD1920*1080(60FPS), FHD 1920*1080(30FPS), HD1280*720(60FPS), HD1280*720(30FPS)"

8. Wifi Transmission: yes

9. IR Night Vision Shooting: yes

10. Self-timer: 2s/5s/10s

11. Digital Zoom: 16X

12. White Balance: auto/daylight/cloudy/fluorescent/tungsten

13. Exposure Compension: -2.0~+2.0

14. USB Port: USB2.0

15. TV Output: NTSL/PAL

16. Display: 3 inch capacitive touch screen

17. Battery: rechargeable lithium battery

18. Menu Language: 10 languages (English, French, German, Italian,Russian,Japanese,etc)

19. Focal Distance: f=7.36mm

20. Aperture: F/3.2

21. Auto OFF: 3m/5m/10m/OFF

22. Product Size: 120.5 * 49.7 * 62.9 mm / 4.74 * 1.96 * 2.48 inch

23. Approx. Weight: 610 g

Packing List:

1 * camcorder

1 * DV bag

1 *charging cable

1 * battery

1 * AV cable

1 * HD cable

1 * user manual

ZCFXGHH 4K Camcorder Video Camera Ultra HD 60 FPS Digital Video

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