$35 Artisticases Custom Qi Wireless Charging Pad, Personalized Name Cell Phones Accessories Accessories Custom,Name,Wireless,Pad,,Qi,infornos.com,Personalized,$35,Artisticases,Cell Phones Accessories , Accessories,Charging,/grummet625028.html $35 Artisticases Custom Qi Wireless Charging Pad, Personalized Name Cell Phones Accessories Accessories Artisticases Custom Dallas Mall Qi Wireless Name Personalized Charging Pad Custom,Name,Wireless,Pad,,Qi,infornos.com,Personalized,$35,Artisticases,Cell Phones Accessories , Accessories,Charging,/grummet625028.html Artisticases Custom Dallas Mall Qi Wireless Name Personalized Charging Pad

Artisticases Custom Dallas Mall Qi Wireless Name Financial sales sale Personalized Charging Pad

Artisticases Custom Qi Wireless Charging Pad, Personalized Name


Artisticases Custom Qi Wireless Charging Pad, Personalized Name

Product description

Looking for an exceptional wireless charging pad that is one of a kind, fast and safe?

Look no further! Our artistic wireless charging pads are made to order, specifically for you! Making sure you will have a unique one of a kind piece that everyone will ask you where did you get it from ?

❤️ Our wireless charging pads are not only gorgeous, but they are also fast, super safe, and the perfect gift for your loved ones!


✔️ Qi Certified
✔️ Sleep-friendly led light indicator.
✔️ Built-in failsafe mechanism.
✔️ Case-friendly charger!
✔️ Auto adjusted 5W / 7.5W / 10W output power.


? Digital print sublimation technique - highest quality print in the industry.
? Full edge-to-edge print!
? protected with an acrylic layer that keeps the design safe and vibrant over time.


? 100mm (4 Inches) diameter.
? 8mm thick.
? 1 meter (3.3 feet) USB cable.


✔️ Wireless charging pad.
✔️ 1 meter (3.3 feet) USB cable.
✔️ User manual.

❌ Wall plug NOT included.

Artisticases Custom Qi Wireless Charging Pad, Personalized Name

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