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Raised Garden Beds Planter Box San Jose Mall Rectangular Plant Plastic supreme Pots

Raised Garden Beds, Planter Box, Plant Pots Plastic Rectangular


Raised Garden Beds, Planter Box, Plant Pots Plastic Rectangular

Product description


18 Inches Flower Window Box Plastic Planters, for Windowsill, Patio, Garden, Home Décor, Porch


The planter box is made of premium plastic, which is durable and allows you to reuse the planter for several seasons.

The attached tray can store water drained out of the pot to keep your area clean.

The raised pot feet will provide proper airflow and water drainage, promoting your plants’ growth.

Widely Used

The planter is suitable for indoor outdoor plants, flowers, vegetables, strawberries and so on.

These window planter boxes are widely used in windowsill, patio, garden, porch or other indoor outdoor occasions.

They are the right choice to plant miniature roses, tulip, carnation or other flowers, vegetables, fruits.

Raised Garden Beds, Planter Box, Plant Pots Plastic Rectangular

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