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Portable Altimeter Accurant Long Service Beauty products M Distance Life Discount mail order Meter

Portable Altimeter, Accurant Long Service Life Distance Meter, M


Portable Altimeter, Accurant Long Service Life Distance Meter, M

Product description


1. Laser distance meter kit uses accurant technology to provide fast, simple and accurate measurements every time it is used.
2. Handy tool is compact in size and provides length, area and volume measurements (inches, feet and units).
3. Compact measurement tool measures and displays length, calculates and displays area.
4. And displays continuously updated measurement values when moving to or away from the target.
5. Very suitable for interior decoration, renovation, floor and wall covering, real estates estimation and appraisal, a fast, simple and accurate way of measuring, even at walking distance.

Item Type: Infrared distance meter
Options: 40-Meter / 60-Meter / 80-Meter /100-Meter(optional)
Material: Plastic
Measuring Range: 0.05-40-meter/60-meter/80-meter/100-meter (Optional)
Measurement Accuracy: ±1.5mm
Laser Class: Class II
Laser Type: 635nm, P1mW
Measurement Datum: Front and rear datum
Unit of Measurement: Meter/inch/ft
Area Measurement: Yes
Volume Measurement: Yes
Pythagorean Theorem: Yes
Continuous Measurement: Yes
Addition and Subtraction: Yes
Timing Measurement: 5~60S
Battery: AAA R03P UM-4 1.5V dry battery
Working Temperature: -10~45
Storage Temperature: -20~60
Approx.50mm / 2in
Approx.120mm / 4.7in
Approx. 30mm / 1.2in

Package List:
1 x Infrared Distance Meter
1 x Portable Bag
1 x Sling

Portable Altimeter, Accurant Long Service Life Distance Meter, M

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