HUAZIYU Natural Bamboo Roller Blind Roman Wind Limited time trial price Shades for $57 HUAZIYU Natural Bamboo Roller Blind,Roman Roller Shades for Wind Home Kitchen Home Décor Products HUAZIYU Natural Bamboo Roller Blind Roman Wind Limited time trial price Shades for $57 HUAZIYU Natural Bamboo Roller Blind,Roman Roller Shades for Wind Home Kitchen Home Décor Products Bamboo,,$57,Shades,Roller,HUAZIYU,Blind,Roman,Wind,Roller,for,/fiduciarily933998.html,Natural,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products Bamboo,,$57,Shades,Roller,HUAZIYU,Blind,Roman,Wind,Roller,for,/fiduciarily933998.html,Natural,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products

HUAZIYU Natural Bamboo Roller shopping Blind Roman Wind Limited time trial price Shades for

HUAZIYU Natural Bamboo Roller Blind,Roman Roller Shades for Wind


HUAZIYU Natural Bamboo Roller Blind,Roman Roller Shades for Wind

Product description


?Curtains add a unique style to your home, filtering sunlight and ultraviolet rays under natural light, which can darken the room and maintain privacy.

Product name: Bamboo blinds

Material: natural bamboo

Shading rate: 80%

Size: width x height (you can choose the existing size or contact us to customize the size)

Regarding product size customization: In addition to the existing sizes, we can also customize different sizes according to your requirements. If necessary, please contact us via email.

Function: decoration/shading and ventilation/shading and sun protection/anti-ultraviolet/semi-privacy

Working principle: roller mechanism (up and down)

Installation method: wall-mounted installation, ceiling installation (internal installation, external installation, side, top)

Quantity: 1 (including: bamboo blinds, two mounting hooks and lifting device)

Cleaning: It can be cleaned with dry cloth and damp cloth.

?Suitable for: balcony, kitchen, curtain, patio, entrance, pergola, wall decoration, shade curtain, tea room, restaurant, bathroom.

?Measurement method

Internal installation: curtain width = window width-1 cm; curtain height = window height;
External installation: curtain width = window width + 15 cm; curtain height = window height + 15 cm;

1. Please confirm the size of bamboo blinds before purchasing. Due to manual measurement, please allow 1-2 cm size deviation.
2. Bamboo blinds are made of natural materials, so they may have different qualities, different optical effects, different colors, different shapes and different anti-ultraviolet stability.

HUAZIYU Natural Bamboo Roller Blind,Roman Roller Shades for Wind

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