dining,Bowl,/fiduciarily911998.html,Fruit,room,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,Decorative,$267,Centerpieces,Centerpiece,infornos.com,t,for Fruit Bowl Centerpiece Decorative Centerpieces t Jacksonville Mall for dining room $267 Fruit Bowl Centerpiece Decorative Centerpieces for dining room t Home Kitchen Home Décor Products Fruit Bowl Centerpiece Decorative Centerpieces t Jacksonville Mall for dining room dining,Bowl,/fiduciarily911998.html,Fruit,room,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,Decorative,$267,Centerpieces,Centerpiece,infornos.com,t,for $267 Fruit Bowl Centerpiece Decorative Centerpieces for dining room t Home Kitchen Home Décor Products

Fruit Bowl Centerpiece Decorative Centerpieces t Jacksonville Mall for dining In a popularity room

Fruit Bowl Centerpiece Decorative Centerpieces for dining room t


Fruit Bowl Centerpiece Decorative Centerpieces for dining room t

Product description

This Tuscan Bronze Glass Bowl would be a great centerpiece piece for adding style to your dining table, this bowl has been crafted from fine quality glass and iron. With its copper bronze luster and aged bronze scrolled iron base, this decorative bowl provides the backbone for adding a Mediterranean style look to the dining space.

FINISH: copper bronze luster, aged bronze

MATERIAL: Iron, Glass

MEASURES: 17 w x 8 h x 17 d (in)

Fruit Bowl Centerpiece Decorative Centerpieces for dining room t

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