$100 Quick Cable 214799-001 Offset - Three Post Hole Standard Leadhea Industrial Scientific Industrial Electrical $100 Quick Cable 214799-001 Offset - Three Post Hole Standard Leadhea Industrial Scientific Industrial Electrical Leadhea,/fiduciarily714998.html,infornos.com,Three,214799-001,Hole,Standard,Industrial Scientific , Industrial Electrical,Post,-,Quick,$100,Offset,Cable Quick Cable 214799-001 Offset - Hole Standard Leadhea Excellent Three Post Leadhea,/fiduciarily714998.html,infornos.com,Three,214799-001,Hole,Standard,Industrial Scientific , Industrial Electrical,Post,-,Quick,$100,Offset,Cable Quick Cable 214799-001 Offset - Hole Standard Leadhea Excellent Three Post

Quick Cable 214799-001 Ranking TOP17 Offset - Hole Standard Leadhea Excellent Three Post

Quick Cable 214799-001 Offset - Three Post Hole Standard Leadhea


Quick Cable 214799-001 Offset - Three Post Hole Standard Leadhea

Product description

15/16 inch post hole. Fine stranded copper conductor, tin plated, for maximum conductivity, flexibility, and corrosion resistance. Color-coded for easy polarity identification. 2 ends terminated. 3 inch center holes. 120 inch Red insulation 4/0 gauge cable.

Quick Cable 214799-001 Offset - Three Post Hole Standard Leadhea

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