Hangiri,Sushi,Japanese,Oke,AIZYR,Wooden,infornos.com,Sushi,/extensometer934238.html,Mixing,Rice,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,$60,Bowl, Popularity AIZYR Japanese Wooden Sushi Hangiri Rice Mixing Bowl Oke $60 AIZYR Japanese Wooden Sushi Hangiri Rice Mixing Bowl, Sushi Oke Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Hangiri,Sushi,Japanese,Oke,AIZYR,Wooden,infornos.com,Sushi,/extensometer934238.html,Mixing,Rice,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,$60,Bowl, Popularity AIZYR Japanese Wooden Sushi Hangiri Rice Mixing Bowl Oke $60 AIZYR Japanese Wooden Sushi Hangiri Rice Mixing Bowl, Sushi Oke Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining

Popularity AIZYR Japanese Wooden Sushi Hangiri Rice Bombing new work Mixing Bowl Oke

AIZYR Japanese Wooden Sushi Hangiri Rice Mixing Bowl, Sushi Oke


AIZYR Japanese Wooden Sushi Hangiri Rice Mixing Bowl, Sushi Oke

Product description


Description: Wooden Mixing Tub made of high quality material, durable and practical for long lasting use, suitable for home, kitchen, restaurant etc, it not only can be used as a rice mix bucket, but also can be used as a Sushi bucket.

Importance: It is traditionally used when making sushi rice. It is important to use a non-metallic container because this prevents any interaction between the rice vinegar which will be added to the rice and any metallic material. The wood also serves to absorb excess moisture from the cooked rice and the large mixing surface allows the hot rice to cool rapidly.

-Color: Wood Color
-Material: White Pine Wood + Copper Bands
-Technology:Color Glaze

How To Care?
1. Because the wood itself will expand and contract with heat, it should not be directly exposed to the sun or exposed to cold wind. If it is not used for a long time for more than 2 months, the sushi barrel can be soaked and sealed with a large plastic bag to prevent the air from taking away moisture;
2. It is best to put a little water in it at ordinary times to make it absorb water and keep the wood saturated and moist;
3. If the sushi barrel has been filled with meat or oily food, use a trace detergent and hot water to scrub it;
4. Pack raw and cooked food separately to avoid cross-growing food bacteria.

Package List:
1 x Wooden Sushi Rice Bowl
1 x bamboo sushi mats
2 x bamboo rice paddle

AIZYR Japanese Wooden Sushi Hangiri Rice Mixing Bowl, Sushi Oke

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