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Packaging Shipping Devices Oshion Bargain sale Snow Extendable Aluminum Rak Industry No. 1

Packaging Shipping Devices Oshion Extendable Aluminum Snow Rak


Packaging Shipping Devices Oshion Extendable Aluminum Snow Rak

Product description


1. Remover Length: 5-20FT
2. Plastic Head Diameter : (26.8 x 6)" / (63 x 15)cm (L x W)
4. Weight: 6.2lb / 2.8kg


The 20FT Roof Snow Rake has a variety of
snow removal tools designed to ease your hard work and stress of snow removal in
the world of snow and ice. This extendable 20ft roof snow removal tool with the special lightweight design allows you to remove snow easily, which
is convenient for you to operate and no need to climbing on the roof and
prevent backache. Thanks to the extendable design that can
easily reach to the rooftop, you are able to clear snow without risking climbing
the roof ,and structural damage to your roof caused by heavy loads of snow can
be effectively prevented ,which greatly saves on costly repairs. Moreover, the
extension poles with buckle design can be easily assembled for usage and
detached for storage. Lightweight aluminum materials makes it easy to handle, so
clearing up won't leave your arms aching and soring for the next few days. Don't
hesitate to have it give you an assistance for tough clearing work.


1.Equipped with 4 lengths of 1.2M tube and 4 sleeves, as well as a long tube with
black nylon grip. The length of the product can be adjusted according to actual
needs.The length of it can be adjusted between 5 to 20 feet, reaching every
corner of your roof. And the sleeve has a snap-lock design, which is very
convenient to assemble

2.Special snow flake design will not damage your roof

3.Large blade to remove snow easily and save you time

4.Lightweight aluminum tube with anti-skid handle

5.Durable high quality aluminum materials can be used for a long time
6.Between the blade and the main tube firm triangular structure to ensure stability
7.Used to remove snow from car windshield, top and hood
8.Ideal for removing snow, wet leaves and debri

Packaging Shipping Devices Oshion Extendable Aluminum Snow Rak

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