Adult,Lu,All-in-one,Stackable,Bento,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Box,Box,/extensometer912038.html,and,,Children's,Bento,$46 Adult and service Children's Bento Box Lu Stackable All-in-one $46 Adult and Children's Bento Box All-in-one Stackable Bento Box Lu Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining $46 Adult and Children's Bento Box All-in-one Stackable Bento Box Lu Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Adult and service Children's Bento Box Lu Stackable All-in-one Adult,Lu,All-in-one,Stackable,Bento,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Box,Box,/extensometer912038.html,and,,Children's,Bento,$46

Max 77% OFF Adult and service Children's Bento Box Lu Stackable All-in-one

Adult and Children's Bento Box All-in-one Stackable Bento Box Lu


Adult and Children's Bento Box All-in-one Stackable Bento Box Lu

Product description

Dual layer containers keep your food fresh help you portion control. Use one or both big containers at once.

The working concept of a bento box lunch

The lunch container can be used for freezing and microwave safe, so you can prepare meals in advance and reheat them at lunch time. Best for a satisfying working lunch.

Sturdy bento box option

This modern bento lunch box provides modular convenience in a compact package. The minimalist look is both stylish and practical-perfect for adults.

Help you stay healthy and save money

It is recommended for teenagers and adults who wish to pack a controlled lunch. You can bring one as a small lunch.

Adult and Children's Bento Box All-in-one Stackable Bento Box Lu

Plants of the Season

Spruce up your garden with some of these seasonal selections from the Plant Library.

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Comes #CC6600; font-size: fan small; vertical-align: