CFNB KAFO-1800A-D1 120V 16 L Fryer 1800W Air Accessorie Kitchen OFFer $112 CFNB KAFO-1800A-D1 120V 16 L Air Fryer 1800W, Kitchen Accessorie Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining CFNB KAFO-1800A-D1 120V 16 L Fryer 1800W Air Accessorie Kitchen OFFer /extensometer911638.html,Fryer,Air,KAFO-1800A-D1,,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,L,CFNB,120V,16,Accessorie,$112,1800W,,Kitchen /extensometer911638.html,Fryer,Air,KAFO-1800A-D1,,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,L,CFNB,120V,16,Accessorie,$112,1800W,,Kitchen $112 CFNB KAFO-1800A-D1 120V 16 L Air Fryer 1800W, Kitchen Accessorie Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining

CFNB KAFO-1800A-D1 1 year warranty 120V 16 L Fryer 1800W Air Accessorie Kitchen OFFer

CFNB KAFO-1800A-D1 120V 16 L Air Fryer 1800W, Kitchen Accessorie


CFNB KAFO-1800A-D1 120V 16 L Air Fryer 1800W, Kitchen Accessorie

Product description

❥All-in-One Air Fryer, Oven, Rotisserie, and Dehydrator With the Large Air Fryer you are on your way to healthy eating without sacrificing on taste or flavor. Cook, fry, grill and bake without the need for butter, oil or other unhealthy fats. With Rotisserie Chicken Fork, it could cook 3kgs( 6pounds ) Chicken with crisp outside and juice inside. Each Deluxe Air Fryer Oven comes with a fry pan (drip tray), three fry net, chicken fork , rotating basket , skewer rack , fetch rack. Double layer window with inside glass and outside transperant PC. Power Lighting inside, give you a good vision and cool touch.
1. Color: Mint Green
2. Watt: 1800W
3. Voltage: 120V/60Hz
4. Timer:24 Hours for Dehydrator,0-60Mins for Other Function
5. Temperature Control: 80-200ºC/180-400ºF , Dehydrator:30-80ºC/90-170ºF
6. Power Button: Yes
7. Cooking Presets: 8 Cooking Presets
9. Oven Capacity: 16.91Quarts / 16L 30CM(L)*26CM(D)*21CM(H)
11. Certification: ETL Listed
12. Dimensions: (15.08 x 14.96 x 15.24)" / (38.3 x 38 x 38.7)cm (L x W x H)
13. Weight: 23.15lb / 10.5kg
14. Brand: ZOKOP
Package Include:
1 x Air Fryer Oven
1 x The Oil Pan
1 x Extraction Bracket
1 x Shaft Turning Fork
3 x Layer
1 x Skewer Combination
1 x Cage
1 x Instruction

CFNB KAFO-1800A-D1 120V 16 L Air Fryer 1800W, Kitchen Accessorie

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