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Ontario Bright Bold Baby Pink Touch Soft Max 49% Limited time cheap sale OFF Pile Shaggy Super

Ontario Bright Bold Baby Pink Shaggy Soft Pile Super Soft Touch


Ontario Bright Bold Baby Pink Shaggy Soft Pile Super Soft Touch

Product description

Size:5'3" x 7'3" (160cm x 220cm)

Luxury Shaggy Area Rug For Less - This new range of Ontario Rug have a soft non shedding shaggy pile which is made from 100% twisted heat set polypropylene. The Rug are easy to clean and have the added benefits of being Colorfast, anti static and stain resistant. These thick Rug are available in 25 Colors and have up to 13 sizes, therefore there will definitely a Color to match your decor, if you would like a sample before purchasing please contact us and we will arrange this for you.

Ontario Bright Bold Baby Pink Shaggy Soft Pile Super Soft Touch

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