Lehm,Kit,$49,Paintwork,Klay,infornos.com,Automotive , Car Care,Zymol,/extensometer625638.html,III,Cleaner Zymol Lehm Klay III Paintwork Kit Challenge the lowest price Cleaner Lehm,Kit,$49,Paintwork,Klay,infornos.com,Automotive , Car Care,Zymol,/extensometer625638.html,III,Cleaner Zymol Lehm Klay III Paintwork Kit Challenge the lowest price Cleaner $49 Zymol Lehm Klay III Paintwork Cleaner Kit Automotive Car Care $49 Zymol Lehm Klay III Paintwork Cleaner Kit Automotive Car Care

Zymol Lehm Arlington Mall Klay III Paintwork Kit Challenge the lowest price Cleaner

Zymol Lehm Klay III Paintwork Cleaner Kit


Zymol Lehm Klay III Paintwork Cleaner Kit

Product description

New Zymol Lehm Klay III Kit includes the Following: 1 Zymol Lehm Kaly III bar 2 Zymol Lehm Klay Lube 1 Zymol Handbook Some damage occurs under the skin of your vehicle’s finish. Acid rain, road dirt and fallout are some of the major enemies of paintwork. Zymol created the Lehm-Klay Bar to combat these common roadway hazards. Zymol Lehm-Klay Bar works in partnership with Zymol Lehm-Klay Lube for superior remedy against heavy tar spots, acid rain, moderate abrasions, bird droppings and light oxidation. Just spot treat incidental damage to avoid having to go to expensive body shops. Naturally derived and produced from African Kaolin Clay and North American Chalcedony Quartz that gently lifts contaminants and leaves flawless paint behind.

Zymol Lehm Klay III Paintwork Cleaner Kit

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