$30 3"Kitchen Cabinet Door Handles and Knobs,Cup Shell Drawer Pulls, Tools Home Improvement Hardware 3"Kitchen Cabinet Ranking TOP8 Door Handles and Pulls Cup Knobs Drawer Shell /eremic714711.html,Door,Pulls,,infornos.com,and,Knobs,Cup,Drawer,Shell,Handles,3"Kitchen,Cabinet,Tools Home Improvement , Hardware,$30 3"Kitchen Cabinet Ranking TOP8 Door Handles and Pulls Cup Knobs Drawer Shell $30 3"Kitchen Cabinet Door Handles and Knobs,Cup Shell Drawer Pulls, Tools Home Improvement Hardware /eremic714711.html,Door,Pulls,,infornos.com,and,Knobs,Cup,Drawer,Shell,Handles,3"Kitchen,Cabinet,Tools Home Improvement , Hardware,$30


3"Kitchen Cabinet Door Handles and Knobs,Cup Shell Drawer Pulls,


3"Kitchen Cabinet Door Handles and Knobs,Cup Shell Drawer Pulls,

Product description

Home Building Store Provide Full Size Cabinet Handles perfect addtion to any kitchen cabinet, furniture door, cupboard, desk drawer, wardrobe drawers, shoe cabinet, chest, bookcase and much more.

Material: Made of solid zinc alloy with satin nickel. Enhance your home with their simple elegance.

--Hole Centers:76mm(3");Length:93mm(3.72");Height:30mm(1.2")

Package include:
--Each pull comes individually wrapped and bagged to protect them.
--Matched one pack of standard length(1") screws, fits most cabinets.

Cabinet/Drawer Thickness Guide:
--14mm(0.55")-19mm(0.75") thick drawer/cabinet will need 25mm(1" ) long Screws. [Provided]
--19mm(0.75")-24mm(0.95") thick drawer/cabinet will need 30mm(1.2" ) long Screws. [NOT Provided]
--24mm(0.95")-29mm(1.14") thick drawer/cabinet will need 35mm(1.38" ) long Screws. [NOT Provided]
--29mm(1.14")-34mm(1.34") thick drawer/cabinet will need 40mm(1.57" ) long Screws. [NOT Provided]
--34mm(1.34")-39mm(1.53") thick drawer/cabinet will need 45mm(1.77" ) long Screws.[Not Provided]

--Please note that the handles are solid construction, it is of good quality and made of durable zinc alloy.
--Please confirm both center to center on the holes that are in the board and the board thickess before you choose the size.
--If you need long screws, please contact us, we will send you for free.

3"Kitchen Cabinet Door Handles and Knobs,Cup Shell Drawer Pulls,

Look For

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