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Bruce Shark OFFicial site Cheap OTC5081 S-Cam Air Tool Spring Truck Sh Brake

Bruce Shark OTC5081 S-Cam Air Brake Spring Tool Truck Brake Sh


Bruce Shark OTC5081 S-Cam Air Brake Spring Tool Truck Brake Sh

Product description

5081 S-Cam Air Brake Spring Tool Truck Brake Shoe Service for Tractors Trailers

5081 S-Cam Air Brake Spring Tool. Brake Shoe Service for Heavy Duty Tractors Trailers Diesel Drive Semi-Truck
APPLICATION -- Works great on tractor and trailer brakes, ANY heavy duty brakes!
BENEFITS -- This tool makes install spring on the S Cam Air Brake a snap. No more using vise grip and screwdriver to remove brake shoes.
TIME SAVER -- Best choice for doing brakes in a hurry. Serve as a lever against the axle to seperate the spring loop from the brake shoe. Safely replace brake shoes.
MATERIAL -- Corrosion-resistant amp; Durable Steel construction with extreme anti-wear property.

Condition: Brand New
Warranty: 3 Years
Material: Steel
OE part : 5081

Package included:
1 * Air Brake Spring Tool

Bruce Shark OTC5081 S-Cam Air Brake Spring Tool Truck Brake Sh

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