Twin Low Loft Bed with Rolling Storage 2-Tier Desk Ranking TOP2 and Portable $168 Twin Low Loft Bed with Rolling Portable Desk and 2-Tier Storage Home Kitchen Furniture Twin Low Loft Bed with Rolling Storage 2-Tier Desk Ranking TOP2 and Portable Loft,Bed,$168,Home Kitchen , Furniture,Portable,Desk,2-Tier,and,Storage,/endothecate911606.html,with,Low,,Rolling,Twin Loft,Bed,$168,Home Kitchen , Furniture,Portable,Desk,2-Tier,and,Storage,/endothecate911606.html,with,Low,,Rolling,Twin $168 Twin Low Loft Bed with Rolling Portable Desk and 2-Tier Storage Home Kitchen Furniture

Twin Low Loft Bed At the price with Rolling Storage 2-Tier Desk Ranking TOP2 and Portable

Twin Low Loft Bed with Rolling Portable Desk and 2-Tier Storage


Twin Low Loft Bed with Rolling Portable Desk and 2-Tier Storage

Product description


Weight amp; Dimensions:

-Overall Product Dimension: 78.7'' x 41.9'' x 46.2''

-Detail Product Dimension: Please refer to the Size image

-Number of Package: 1

-Package Dimension: Please refer to the Specification

-Overall Product Weight: 85 lbs

-Package Weight: Please refer to the Specification

-Weight Capacity:

Twin Low Loft Bed with Rolling Portable Desk and 2-Tier Storage

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