Air,Grease,Gun,Pistol,Operated,Type,,Sealey,Automotive , Tools Equipment,/endothecate625006.html,$72 Sealey Air Operated Grease Pistol Type Ranking TOP6 Gun Air,Grease,Gun,Pistol,Operated,Type,,Sealey,Automotive , Tools Equipment,/endothecate625006.html,$72 $72 Sealey Air Operated Grease Gun Pistol Type Automotive Tools Equipment Sealey Air Operated Grease Pistol Type Ranking TOP6 Gun $72 Sealey Air Operated Grease Gun Pistol Type Automotive Tools Equipment

Sealey Air Operated Grease Pistol Type Brand new Ranking TOP6 Gun

Sealey Air Operated Grease Gun Pistol Type


Sealey Air Operated Grease Gun Pistol Type

Product description

Die-cast head and body with chromed steel grease tube. Includes rigid delivery tube and 4-jaw coupler. Trigger operated single pulse gun with three-way fill and air-bleed valve. Accepts 400g grease cartridges, bulk or manual fill.

Sealey Air Operated Grease Gun Pistol Type

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