FRIEDEIR Snow Shovel for Car Collapsible with Ranking TOP5 I Kit Snow,Kit,Shovel,Patio, Lawn Garden , Snow Removal,,$35,for,with,Snow,Car,,Shovel,I,Collapsible,/electrometrical933854.html,FRIEDEIR $35 FRIEDEIR Snow Shovel for Car, Collapsible Snow Shovel Kit with I Patio, Lawn Garden Snow Removal Snow,Kit,Shovel,Patio, Lawn Garden , Snow Removal,,$35,for,with,Snow,Car,,Shovel,I,Collapsible,/electrometrical933854.html,FRIEDEIR FRIEDEIR Snow Shovel for Car Collapsible with Ranking TOP5 I Kit $35 FRIEDEIR Snow Shovel for Car, Collapsible Snow Shovel Kit with I Patio, Lawn Garden Snow Removal

Chicago Mall FRIEDEIR Snow Shovel for Car Collapsible with Ranking TOP5 I Kit

FRIEDEIR Snow Shovel for Car, Collapsible Snow Shovel Kit with I


FRIEDEIR Snow Shovel for Car, Collapsible Snow Shovel Kit with I

Product description

lt;;bgt;Our Snow Shovel Is Your Smart Choice
lt;;/bgt;Winter car shovel ice snow removal tools, elimination of ice, snow and frost on the window glass or water, snow cleaning car body.The extensible design makes hard-to-reach areas easy to clean. It is long enough for SUV,Car,Truck.With it at ease travel! Can also be used to gifts to your family and friends.

lt;;bgt;Product Specification:
lt;;/bgt;Weight:1.76 Pounds(800 Grams)
Length: 16.7" - 37"(42.5 - 94cm)
Brush Leangth:9.8 in (25cm)
Ice Scraper Leangth:16.7 in (42.5cm)

lt;;/bgt;① Rear battery assembly: Use a screwdriver to unscrew three screws, and assemble two AAA batteries according to the positive and negative poles.
②In a poorly lit scene, press the light switch
③Press the yellow button on the shaft to rotate the sweep head to switch the direction of the brush head

lt;;/bgt;1 x Snow Shovel

FRIEDEIR Snow Shovel for Car, Collapsible Snow Shovel Kit with I

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