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Today's only Fdit Carburetor Lawn Mower Material Seattle Mall Parts Aluminum f

Fdit Carburetor Lawn Mower, Lawn Mower Parts Aluminum Material f


Fdit Carburetor Lawn Mower, Lawn Mower Parts Aluminum Material f

Product description

1. This carburetor is suitable for Kohler 24853102‑S for 25HP 27HP CV730 CV740 Engine Carb P CV730 CV740 Cast Iron for Engines.
2. It is an Perfect replacement for old or damaged for carburetor.
3. This product is made of high quality aluminum material, which is not easy to damage and has long service life.
4. This product has the characteristics of stable performance and sensitive reactions.
5. This is a reliable garden tool replacement accessory. Please install it on the appropriate garden tool machine according to the corresponding applicable model.

How to Use:

Fdit Carburetor Lawn Mower, Lawn Mower Parts Aluminum Material f

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