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25% OFF Loloi Loren Collection Over item handling Vintage Printed x 5'-0

Loloi Loren Collection Vintage Printed Persian Area Rug 5'-0" x


Loloi Loren Collection Vintage Printed Persian Area Rug 5'-0" x

From the manufacturer

Loren vintage printed rug
Blue / Brick Red / Multi Sand / Taupe Slate Silver / Slate Aqua
Construction Power-Loomed Power-Loomed Power-Loomed Power-Loomed Power-Loomed Power-Loomed
Style Transitional Transitional Transitional Transitional Transitional Transitional
Multiple Sizes
Durability Highly Durable Highly Durable Highly Durable Highly Durable Highly Durable Highly Durable

Loloi Loren Collection Vintage Printed Persian Area Rug 5'-0" x

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