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tablet PC 10.1-inch HD Android 7.0 2G+3 In a popularity Call 70% OFF Outlet Screen 4G IPS

tablet PC 10.1-inch HD Android 7.0 PC 4G Call IPS HD Screen 2G+3


tablet PC 10.1-inch HD Android 7.0 PC 4G Call IPS HD Screen 2G+3

Product description


Name: Tablet PC
Screen size: 10.1 inches
System: Android 7.0
Operating memory: 2GB RAM
Internal storage: 32GB ROM
Number of cores: eight-core 1.5GHz
Resolution: 1280*800
Expansion card: maximum support 128G (TF memory card)
Camera: front 0.3MP pixels, rear 2MP pixels
Battery: 6000 mAh
Support WiFi, Bluetooth, dual-band 5G WiFi

Dual card dual standby, support 4G/3G/2G network
Packing list: Tablet PC, charger, data cable, OTG cable, manual

tablet PC 10.1-inch HD Android 7.0 PC 4G Call IPS HD Screen 2G+3

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