$116 WAGNER, Natural, (L) 74-101 x (B) 37 x (H) 14,5 cm Industrial Scientific Material Handling Products x,/drossy714696.html,WAGNER,,cm,x,infornos.com,37,14,5,(B),$116,Industrial Scientific , Material Handling Products,(H),74-101,Natural,,(L) WAGNER Natural Fashion L 74-101 x B 37 H 14 5 cm $116 WAGNER, Natural, (L) 74-101 x (B) 37 x (H) 14,5 cm Industrial Scientific Material Handling Products x,/drossy714696.html,WAGNER,,cm,x,infornos.com,37,14,5,(B),$116,Industrial Scientific , Material Handling Products,(H),74-101,Natural,,(L) WAGNER Natural Fashion L 74-101 x B 37 H 14 5 cm

WAGNER Natural Fashion L 74-101 x B 37 H List price 14 5 cm

WAGNER, Natural, (L) 74-101 x (B) 37 x (H) 14,5 cm


WAGNER, Natural, (L) 74-101 x (B) 37 x (H) 14,5 cm

Product description


Transport helpers from WAGNER stand for high quality and safety: The transport aid is a new kind of flexible transport helper with a multitude of ingenious extras such as a drawbar for maximum driving comfort when transporting heavy loads. It has a heavy-duty, length variable loading surface made of high-quality, extremely dimensionally-stable birch multiplex plate, manufactured from FSC®-certified birch wood. This FSC® certificate is an internationally recognised environmental attestation. It guarantees that the production of FSC® certified products only uses woods originating in sustainable, responsibly-run forestry business.

Technology + Design

Nicely drawn along: The drawbar is made of aluminium with a convenient soft-touch handle. Very practical: The towing bar can be folded into the lower side of the loading surface to save space when transporting in the luggage space. The load surface of the transport helper is equipped with an adjustable runner element that you can adapt individually to the size of the load: just extend the loading platform until the desired length, adjust the runner element, put the load on and roll on! Protection for sensitive floor coverings has also been thought about - the transport helper comes with four high-quality ULTRASOFT transport equipment castors that guarantee scratch- and streak-free mobility on all hard/sensitive floor surfaces.

The transport helper is best suited for easy and comfortable movement - also suitable for genuine heavy transport. Added safety: An anti-slip mat with contemporary tattoo design prevents the load from slipping during transport.

Our quality bonus: WAGNER transport helpers are brand-name products tested for quality, safety and longevity.

Other transport helpers as well other WAGNER branded items at our WAGNER Store.

WAGNER, Natural, (L) 74-101 x (B) 37 x (H) 14,5 cm


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