Lights,Lighting,10/20,Power,Tools Home Improvement , Lighting Ceiling Fans,,2.5M,Garden,LED,String,Solar,LEDs,/double912068.html,$37,5M $37 String Lights 2.5M 5M 10/20 LEDs Solar Power LED Garden Lighting Tools Home Improvement Lighting Ceiling Fans String Lights 2.5M 5M 10 20 Solar LEDs New Free Shipping Garden LED Power Lighting Lights,Lighting,10/20,Power,Tools Home Improvement , Lighting Ceiling Fans,,2.5M,Garden,LED,String,Solar,LEDs,/double912068.html,$37,5M $37 String Lights 2.5M 5M 10/20 LEDs Solar Power LED Garden Lighting Tools Home Improvement Lighting Ceiling Fans String Lights 2.5M 5M 10 20 Solar LEDs New Free Shipping Garden LED Power Lighting

String Lights 2.5M 5M 10 20 Solar LEDs New Free Shipping Garden LED Power Max 54% OFF Lighting

String Lights 2.5M 5M 10/20 LEDs Solar Power LED Garden Lighting


String Lights 2.5M 5M 10/20 LEDs Solar Power LED Garden Lighting

Product description

2.5M 5M 10/20 LEDs Solar Power LED Garden lighting Outdoor Street Lawn lamp Garden Decoration lights String Bulb For Christmas

1. This wonderful string light illuminates during night, ideal for decorating your gardens, patio, lawn, porch, gate, yard, etc.
2. Super long working time, it can continuously work more than 8 hours at night if the panel absorbs enough sunshine during day.
3. Waterproof, suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
4. Solar powered panel is stood by a 20cm garden spike. With ON/OFF, MODE switches.
5. With 2 switch, one is Mode (Flashing mode convert switch), another is Power On/Off (After switch turned on, can automatic light control and charging).

1.Type:Solar LED String Lights Bulb
2. Bulb Shell: Clear/Milky
3.Length: 2.5M/5M
4.Light Color: White/Warm White
5.Battery: built-in 600mAH NI-MH battery
6.Charging time: 6 hours
7.Working time: 6-10 hours, total working time more than 10,000 hours
8.Light Mode: Steady-Flash
9.LED Quantity: 10Pcs/20PCS
10.Battery: 1.2V 600MA
11.Solar panel: 2V 100MA
12.Life time: 10000h
13.Control method: light Control ( Work at Night light or Dark only)

Package Included:
1 x Solar Panel
1 x 20cm Spike
1 x 10LEDs/20LEDs Fairy String Lights

String Lights 2.5M 5M 10/20 LEDs Solar Power LED Garden Lighting



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