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2+16GB Ranking TOP15 Smart Phone Double Standby Cellphone Finger Card Ranking TOP8

2+16GB Smart Phone, Double Card Double Standby Cellphone, Finger


2+16GB Smart Phone, Double Card Double Standby Cellphone, Finger

Product description


1. The 6.72in large screen allows you to experience a wider field, in games and videos, more content is displayed, while the phone is still small and light.
2. The powerful processor greatly improves the running speed, frame rate and picture smoothness when playing large games and multitasking.
3. Up to 128GB of expandable storage, supporting simultaneous use of two SIM cards for data and phone calls, or simultaneous use of memory cards for data storage.
4. High definition camera, vivid colors, every photo is as beautiful as wallpaper, indepth development, more complete and smoothly.
5. Face recognition and fingerprint unlocking can always be accurately identified, bringing you a science fiction unlocking experience.


Item Type:Smartphone
Material: ABS
Screen Size: 6.72in HD Full Fit Full Screen
Weight: Approx. 383.0g/13.5oz

Model:Mate50 RS+
Operating System: forAndroid6.0
Chip: MTK6580 Quad-Core CPU

Memory: 2GB
Storage: 16GB
Storage Expansion: Support maximum expansion 128GB memory card, support simultaneous installation of two SIM cards and a memory card(Not Included)
SIM Card Type: 3G (WCDMA850/2100, GSM4 frequency dual card dual standby, forNanoSIM card)
Front Camera: 2MP, f/2.0 aperture, fixedfocallength
Rear Camera: 5MP(Color, f/1.8 aperture) autofocus
Function: Face recognition, fingerprint unlock, with Wifi+BT+FM+GPS

Interface: 1 x 3.5mm, 1 x micro USB
Battery: 2400mah Li-ion Battery

Package List:
1 x Phone1 x Protect Cover
1 x Film
1 x Earphone
1 x Data Cable
1 x Manual

2+16GB Smart Phone, Double Card Double Standby Cellphone, Finger



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