$140 Andretti Track Time (5) Minutes Experience at Kentucky Speedway Gift Cards Gift Cards Andretti Track Time 5 Minutes Kentucky Speedway Experience discount at $140 Andretti Track Time (5) Minutes Experience at Kentucky Speedway Gift Cards Gift Cards $140,Time,Gift Cards , Gift Cards,/cyclometer625349.html,(5),Experience,Minutes,Track,infornos.com,Kentucky,at,Andretti,Speedway $140,Time,Gift Cards , Gift Cards,/cyclometer625349.html,(5),Experience,Minutes,Track,infornos.com,Kentucky,at,Andretti,Speedway Andretti Track Time 5 Minutes Kentucky Speedway Experience discount at

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Andretti Track Time (5) Minutes Experience at Kentucky Speedway


Andretti Track Time (5) Minutes Experience at Kentucky Speedway

Product description

The Track Time (5) Minutes is the most economical driving experience offered at Mario Andretti Racing Experience. It’s the perfect driving experience for someone who wants a taste of racing. In this fun driving experience, drive a full size, Indy-style Race Car that’s similar to the ones Mario Andretti raced in his amazing racing career. Get a taste of what it’s like to drive an Indy-style race car for a 5 minute timed racing session on one of the nation’s premier speedways at Mario Andretti Racing Experience. Driver’s Meeting with Crew Chief. Training and Instruction Drive a full size, Indy-style race car by yourself! In Car Radio Communications Personal Racing Instructor Graduate Certificate SALE: $199.99 ($399.99 value).

Andretti Track Time (5) Minutes Experience at Kentucky Speedway



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