$112 YAHEETECH Drafting Desk Drawing Table Art Desk w/Height Adjustab Home Kitchen Furniture Table,/conventicler911704.html,Desk,Art,YAHEETECH,Adjustab,infornos.com,Drawing,Drafting,Home Kitchen , Furniture,$112,w/Height,Desk $112 YAHEETECH Drafting Desk Drawing Table Art Desk w/Height Adjustab Home Kitchen Furniture YAHEETECH Drafting Houston Mall Desk Drawing Table Adjustab w Height Art YAHEETECH Drafting Houston Mall Desk Drawing Table Adjustab w Height Art Table,/conventicler911704.html,Desk,Art,YAHEETECH,Adjustab,infornos.com,Drawing,Drafting,Home Kitchen , Furniture,$112,w/Height,Desk

YAHEETECH Drafting Houston Ranking TOP18 Mall Desk Drawing Table Adjustab w Height Art

YAHEETECH Drafting Desk Drawing Table Art Desk w/Height Adjustab


YAHEETECH Drafting Desk Drawing Table Art Desk w/Height Adjustab

Product description

Quick Overview:
This modern and practical drafting furniture set provides a comfortable workspace and keeps your craft and art supplies easily accessible. The drafting table is constructed with a sturdy steel framework and a toughened glass desktop. The adjustable desktop angle can be easily adjusted from 0 to 60° to meet your different needs and drawing habits. This rolling drawing station can be used as a light table, drawing table, computer table or writing table. Our armless office chair features premium faux leather with an ultra-thick padded seat and backrest. Firm and bouncy cushions which are deformation-resistant with a waterproof and long-wearing surface made this office chair durable enough for long-term usage. A wide and large star metal base gives full support to the heavier bearing capacity of this multitask chair. 5 mute castors allow a 360° smooth mobility from task to task. Slanted and curved ergonomic armrests help users find their best sitting position. The simple and chic style of this drawing table and office chair set can be the highlight of your home and office, do not miss it!

Specifications of Drawing Table:
Color: silver gray
Material: steel, toughened glass
Dimensions: 41 x 24 x 31.5’’ (L x W x H)
Adjustable height: 31.5-49.5’’
Drawer size: 8 x 9 x 4’’ (W x D x H)
Distance between drawer and ground: 20’’
G.W.: 44.4 lb

Specifications of Office Chair:
Color: black
Material: Faux Leather, Plywood, Foam, Iron
Overall Dimension:23 × 19 × (29.5-34)’’(L × W × H)
Adjustable Seat Height: 18-23’’
Base Diameter: 22.8’’
Weight Capacity: 300lb
G.W.: 19lb
N.W.: 15.2lb

Please Note: Please allow ±0.5’’ errors due to manual measurement.

Package included:
1 x Low Back Armless Office Chair
1 x Drawing Table
2 x Assembly Instructions

YAHEETECH Drafting Desk Drawing Table Art Desk w/Height Adjustab



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