$341 Loft Beds for Teens, Single Loft Bed with Storage, Single Bed Fr Home Kitchen Furniture $341 Loft Beds for Teens, Single Loft Bed with Storage, Single Bed Fr Home Kitchen Furniture Loft Beds for Teens Single Bed with Storage Omaha Mall Fr Loft Beds for Teens Single Bed with Storage Omaha Mall Fr Home Kitchen , Furniture,infornos.com,$341,Single,Single,for,Fr,/conventicler911404.html,Beds,with,Bed,Teens,,Loft,Loft,Bed,Storage, Home Kitchen , Furniture,infornos.com,$341,Single,Single,for,Fr,/conventicler911404.html,Beds,with,Bed,Teens,,Loft,Loft,Bed,Storage,

Loft Beds for Teens Single Bed with Storage Omaha Mall Popular standard Fr

Loft Beds for Teens, Single Loft Bed with Storage, Single Bed Fr


Loft Beds for Teens, Single Loft Bed with Storage, Single Bed Fr

Product description

Bring a dose of chic barnyard style to your little one's bedroom with this distinctive loft house bed. Coming with fence-shaped guardrail around the bed, this bed brings rich rural life style to bedroom, not only offers great fun for kid’s bedtime but also adds highlights to bedroom. The spacious under bed space is available for storage or creating a mini playground. Made of solid pine wood and MDF, this bed can accompany your kid for a long time until he/she needs a full bed

Material:Pine wood+MDF
Numbers of slat:10
Function:Loft bed
Decoration:Fence-shaped Guardrail
numbers of package:2
Spring box:No need
Assembly required:Yes

bed:41.6’’ x 75’’
Total height:65.4”
Bed weight capability:200lb
Bed recommended mattress thickness:6”

Loft Beds for Teens, Single Loft Bed with Storage, Single Bed Fr



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