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Greenwillow 1960 National uniform free shipping Original Cast Broadway All items free shipping

Greenwillow (1960 Original Broadway Cast)


Greenwillow (1960 Original Broadway Cast)

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In the same year he shocked audiences in Psycho, Anthony Perkins led the cast of this 1960 musical fantasy with songs by Frank Loesser of Guys And Dolls fame. This underrated Broadway gem is now available on CD for the first time.

Greenwillow is a little-known Frank Loesser gem in the Broadway bucolic mode, a genre that includes his own Most Happy Fella, Rodgers and Hammerstein's Oklahoma, and Lerner and Loewe's Brigadoon. This recording has become something of a cult classic, perhaps because it stars Anthony Perkins (yes, the Psycho guy) in the lead role of Gideon Briggs. Perkins has a light but pleasant tenor that he uses to great effect, especially on his haunting solo "Never Will I Marry." Greenwillow has a lovely score with some particularly fine ensemble singing. This is a surprisingly subtle show that is sometimes dismissed by critics as a bit of pastoral fluff, but if you listen to it carefully you will discover that it is one of Loesser's finest works. --Michael Simmons

Greenwillow (1960 Original Broadway Cast)



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