$112 Bamboo Roller Blinds,Blackout Blinds Roll Up Blind Retro Sun Sha Home Kitchen Home Décor Products $112 Bamboo Roller Blinds,Blackout Blinds Roll Up Blind Retro Sun Sha Home Kitchen Home Décor Products Special price Bamboo Roller Blinds Blackout Roll Sun Sha Up Blind Retro Special price Bamboo Roller Blinds Blackout Roll Sun Sha Up Blind Retro Sha,/celestitude912134.html,Blind,Retro,Blinds,Blackout,Bamboo,Sun,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,Roll,Roller,Blinds,infornos.com,$112,Up Sha,/celestitude912134.html,Blind,Retro,Blinds,Blackout,Bamboo,Sun,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,Roll,Roller,Blinds,infornos.com,$112,Up

Special price Bamboo Roller Blinds Blackout Roll Sun Sha Up Blind A surprise price is realized Retro

Bamboo Roller Blinds,Blackout Blinds Roll Up Blind Retro Sun Sha


Bamboo Roller Blinds,Blackout Blinds Roll Up Blind Retro Sun Sha

Product description


Beautiful natural shade reed roller shutter, hand-woven, environmentally friendly and ecological, shading and breathable, durable, wear-resistant and practical, beautiful appearance, which can complement various decorative styles. It is the best choice for indoor and outdoor shade decoration.

This bamboo roller blind creates the necessary privacy and is also a decorative life accessory.

Product parameters:
Product name: Roller Blind
Process: hand-woven
Function: decoration, shading and ventilation, sun protection
Applicable scene: wall decoration, ceiling, curtain, door curtain, partition, sun shade

About customization:
Customizable: custom size, please contact us by email
Custom size: width × height
Custom range: width: 50-145 (cm), height 50-300 (cm)
Custom time: 2-3 days

1.Due to different standards of measuring tools, there is a slight error in size. Please take the actual object as the standard.
2.Light shooting and different displays may cause the color of the item in the picture a little different from the real thing. The measurement allowed error is /- 1-3cm.

This product only contains the product itself, other items are shooting props, please understand.

If you like our item, we will appreciate if you can share your experience with others. Your encouragement is our greatest motivation.

Bamboo Roller Blinds,Blackout Blinds Roll Up Blind Retro Sun Sha

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