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MZXUN Dried Fruit Kansas City High quality new Mall Plate Living Room Rotating Candy Box Compartme

MZXUN Dried Fruit Plate Living Room Rotating Candy Box Compartme


MZXUN Dried Fruit Plate Living Room Rotating Candy Box Compartme

Product description

Name: Fruit plate / Dried fruit plate / Snack plate

Material: Ceramic

Decoration category: desktop decoration

Applicable object: adult

Style: Nordic style

quantity: 1

Application scenarios: hotels, clubs, home, gifts, decorations, home

Package includes: 1X fruit plate


Only fruit plates are sold, including no other items.

Shipping time: Our shipping period is 10-25 days, please be patient.
I welcome you to come to our shop.Our products are 100% guaranteed.If you have any questions or dissatisfaction, please contact us.

MZXUN Dried Fruit Plate Living Room Rotating Candy Box Compartme

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