$64 GKH2 Heavy Furniture Movers Artifact, Furniture Lifter with Cast Industrial Scientific Material Handling Products GKH2 Heavy Furniture Movers Lifter High material with Artifact Cast $64 GKH2 Heavy Furniture Movers Artifact, Furniture Lifter with Cast Industrial Scientific Material Handling Products Movers,with,infornos.com,Lifter,$64,/celestitude714934.html,Furniture,Furniture,Industrial Scientific , Material Handling Products,Heavy,GKH2,Cast,Artifact, Movers,with,infornos.com,Lifter,$64,/celestitude714934.html,Furniture,Furniture,Industrial Scientific , Material Handling Products,Heavy,GKH2,Cast,Artifact, GKH2 Heavy Furniture Movers Lifter High material with Artifact Cast

GKH2 Heavy Furniture Movers Lifter High material with Artifact Cast 2021

GKH2 Heavy Furniture Movers Artifact, Furniture Lifter with Cast


GKH2 Heavy Furniture Movers Artifact, Furniture Lifter with Cast

Product description


- 90 degree design, suitable for all kinds of furniture, preventing falling when lifting the heavy object.
- A centered hole allows to align and balance the loads.
- Foam-padded bases give a target just above the wheels for placement of moving objects while protecting surfaces from damage
- Robust swivel action:
Polypropylene wheels support the load while the ball bearing swivel action provides versatile movement around obstacles and through doors.


Three 1-3 / 5 inch swivel casters
Height: 2-3 / 8 inches
Base width: 6-2 / 7 inches
Capacity: 220 lbs each

Package List:

1 x furniture lift
4 x Household tray

How to Use:

- 1.Place the furniture lifter under the furniture and lift it. 4 jacks to add for your different furniture height requirements.
- 2.Place the 4 Mover Wheels under the legs / corners of your furniture. After that, remove the lifer.
- 3. done! Move the furniture to where you want it.

GKH2 Heavy Furniture Movers Artifact, Furniture Lifter with Cast

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