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Why the Covid Pandemic is Destroying Our Nails

Ana helps you understand why the chronic stress of living through the pandemic is causing weak, peeling, and brittle fingernails and how to fix them.

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The Dangers of the Russian Manicure

The Dangers of the Russian Manicure by Ana Seidel, Vitaly Solomonoff & Doug Schoon Have you ever heard the expression, “The world is getting smaller?” It’s true. But… The internet has become a double-edged sword. We learn really amazing things from people we will never meet physically. Our lives are improved immensely. But… we also learn …

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Broken Nail Repair – What To Do When It’s Bad

BROKEN NAIL REPAIR Broken Nail Repair Solution Life happens. Fingers slip. Nails get caught on things and break. Many times we look down and it’s just a chip or a minor tear. Meh, that’s ok. Our heart is saddened for a bit. But what do we do when the break is bad? Like really bad. …

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How To Stop Biting Nails – Angela’s Results

HOW TO STOP BITING NAILS Learning how to stop biting nails is a simple concept, but it can be a daily challenge. There is so much shame around nail biting. I’m going to take a guess that if you are reading this article, you or a friend struggle with this uncomfortable habit. You’ve probably tried dozens …

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Best Ridge Filler – The Basecoat Challenge

RIDGE FILLER 09.05.2020 Update: Since writing this article, I have discovered that there appears to be two different versions of the Wet N Wild basecoat. One stains the nail plate and one doesn’t. I share more details farther down the article. ~Ana One of the worst things you can do is buff the ridges off …

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ASK ANA – Color Changing Nail Polish

COLOR CHANGING NAIL POLISH Color Changing Nail Polish We all love color changing nail polish, but have you ever experienced your normal nail polish changing color over several days? In this article, I’ll answer Why a polish can change colors. Why acetone is your friend. How to test whether it’s the polish, the base coat …

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Healthy Nails – The Effect of Stress

HEALTHY NAILS Some are born with naturally beautiful nails and hands that just seem to stay picture perfect. For many others (myself included) growing and maintaining healthy nails can be a challenge at times. Did you know that there are two kinds of stress that can affect the health of your nails? In this Ask …