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35% OFF DXIN Fixed price for sale Simulation Dolphin Statues Orn Decoration Sculpture Garden

DXIN Simulation Dolphin Statues Garden, Sculpture Decoration Orn


DXIN Simulation Dolphin Statues Garden, Sculpture Decoration Orn

Product description

Cheerful and free dolphins, graceful and free prancing

Product parameters:
Name: Statue Decoration/Animal Statue/Solar Statue/Lawn Sculpture/Garden Statue/Garden Lawn Ornament/Decorative Gifts/Outdoor Wall Sculpture/Garden Decoration/Outdoor Hanging Statue/Sculpture Home Decoration/Tree Sculpture/Garden Miniature Model/Garden Sculpture and Statue
Material: Resin
Style: American, pastoral
Applicable space: gardens, backyards, lawns, ponds, swimming pools, windowsills, countertops, entrances, trees, flower bushes, flower beds, fences, courtyard villas

1*Garden sculpture

★We only sell garden sculptures, other items are just props, not commodities.
★All data are manually measured, there is a small error of 1-3cm.
★The color may be slightly different due to physical factors such as light, camera color and exposure.

DXIN Simulation Dolphin Statues Garden, Sculpture Decoration Orn

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